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JNANA AGNI translates from the Sanskrit as "The fire of Self-Knowledge". This much anticipated film is a journey into Sri Ramana Maharshi's spiritual teaching of Atma Vichara or Self-Enquiry.


The path of Jnana is one of the four main spiritual paths, known as “Margas”, which lead to the discovery of the divine presence within all beings. It is known to be the fastest and most direct path for those ready for it.

Atma vichara is also the final path, the cessation of the constant fluctuations of the mind going outward and associating with objects of perception. It is the art of turning the attention inward by investigating the source of the mind.

The film is an in-depth exploration of Sri Ramana Maharshi's spiritual science and practice of Atma Vichara. The teaching of the practice of Self-Enquiry brings about the burning of the individual self, surrendered into the divine and sacred fire of Self-Knowledge.
It is the science of uniting with the presence within.


To become aware of one’s own real nature. The realisation of one's own true being is known as "Self-Realisation”. JNANA AGNI will be released in December 2025.

© Photo by Saran Dashnamoorthy

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